Press Release Archive — 2009

Senate health care reform measure still does not meet test of strengthening employer-sponsored health coverage
December 22, 2009

Council available to provide employer reaction to new version of Senate health care reform bill
December 18, 2009

Council warns: Senate health care bill must be improved now or employers will oppose
December 15, 2009

Employers, organized labor tell Reid: taxation of Medicare drug subsidy will threaten retiree health programs
December 10, 2009

Health care tax provision could rock financial markets, will threaten prescription drug coverage for retirees
December 9, 2009

Council strongly supports Landrieu amendment to Senate bill
December 9, 2009

Council evaluates Senate health care reform measure
November 30, 2009

Council comments on Senate health care reform bill
November 19, 2009

PBGC deficit underscores need for funding relief
November 13, 2009

House-approved health care reform bill is a missed opportunity; last chance for balanced, bipartisan legislation rests with the Senate
November 7, 2009

Council letter to House: health care reform bill fails to control costs, weakens employer-sponsored coverage
November 6, 2009

Efforts to promote litigation push health care system in the wrong direction
November 4, 2009

Council research report: pension funding relief critically necessary to preserve jobs, promote economic recovery
October 30, 2009

House health care reform bill will require substantial changes to earn employer support
October 29, 2009

Council urges HELP Committee to provide pension relief, will unveil jobs report at October 30 media briefing
October 29, 2009

Council applauds Pomeroy-Tiberi pension funding bill, will unveil jobs report at October 30 media briefing
October 27, 2009

Council commends Obama Administration for action to prevent reduction in retirement plan limits
October 15, 2009

Senate Finance Committee-approved measure offers most promising approach to health care reform, but concerns remain
October 13, 2009

Defined benefit pension plan relief critically needed, advice legislation should protect existing arrangements
October 1, 2009

Senate Finance Committee health reform bill includes flawed tax policy
September 22, 2009

Senate Finance Committee measure shows promise as a starting point for bipartisan health reform
September 16, 2009

Council staff available to comment on Obama health care address
September 9, 2009

Improving financial literacy, simplicity of disclosures essential for promoting personal retirement security
July 23, 2009

Companies taking steps to weather economic challenges, maintain successful employer-sponsored retirement system
July 21, 2009

Bipartisan effort needed to craft balanced, enduring health care system reform legislation
July 15, 2009

Council applauds Chairman Miller for inclusion of defined benefit funding relief provisions in retirement savings legislation, applauds Rep. Pomeroy for development of comprehensive relief measure
June 24, 2009

Council to House committee: health care reform legislation should build on employer-based system
June 23, 2009

Target-date fund regulations must focus on existing investment selection process, provide flexibility
June 18 2009

Miller & Chevalier and the American Benefits Council announce results of second annual Corporate Health Care Policy Forecast Survey
June 17, 2009

Investment advice, 401(k) fee legislation improved but additional safeguards for employers still needed
June 17, 2009

Record PBGC deficit requires Congressional action to strengthen defined benefit pension plan system
May 20, 2009

Addressing the health care financing challenge should begin with systemic cost and quality reform
May 12, 2009

Council urges house subcommittee to reform health care by preserving and strengthening voluntary employer system
April 23, 2009

Council Urges House Subcommittee to Prepare 401(k) Fee Bill that Benefits Both Plan Participants and Plan Sponsors
April 22, 2009

Cost control strategy central to health care reform
April 1, 2009

Council lauds IRS defined benefit pension guidance
March 31, 2009

Council expresses support for Savings Recovery Act
March 24, 2009

Council applauds initiatives to improve health care quality
March 24, 2009

New Survey: Three Out of Five Employers Maintain 401(k) Match Despite Economic Crisis
March 17, 2009

Council 'disappointed' by Ninth Circuit court denial of rehearing in San Francisco health care case
March 10, 2009

Letter urges congressional budget committees to consider cost savings in developing health care reform legislation
March 9, 2009

Council examines Obama budget proposals
February 26, 2009

Defined contribution plan system must be preserved
February 24, 2009

Council welcomes Porter as senior vice president, international benefits & chief actuary
January 28, 2009

Council issues landmark health care reform proposal
January 12, 2009

Council to unveil health care proposal, featuring key players from previous reform efforts to answer questions
January 9 2009

Council to unveil 'Condition Critical: Ten Prescriptions for Reforming Health Care Quality, Cost and Coverage'
January 7, 2009