Press Release Archive — 2007

Council welcomes PBGC deficit improvement but urges changes to calculation methods
November 15, 2007

Council outlines employer concerns with IRS proposed cafeteria plan regulations
November 15, 2007

'Safe and Sound' retirement goals include raising financial literacy, expanding coverage
November 8, 2007

National Coalition on Benefits launched to preserve ERISA standard for health, retirement benefit plans
November 6, 2007

Employers' goal: a transparent 401(k) system that provides meaningful benefits at a fair price
October 30, 2007

Defined contribution plan fee disclosure rules must follow key principles to reduce costs, confusion
October 24, 2007

Council applauds IRS extension for 409A compliance
October 23, 2007

Council reiterates support for Senate-passed compromise mental health parity legislation
October 16, 2007

Council urges House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee to consider Senate-passed mental health parity language
October 10, 2007

Unnecessary burdens on 401(k) retirement plans will slow growth, reduce participants' benefits
October 4, 2007

Council urges Ways and Means Committee to pass Senate mental health parity language
September 26, 2007

Council discusses 401(k) plan fees in context of fiduciary responsibility, revenue sharing
September 20, 2007

Council applauds passage of S. 558, Senate Mental Health Parity Act
September 19, 2007

Council urges Ways and Means Subcommittee to pass Camp mental health parity substitute
September 19, 2007

Council addresses DOL panel, applauds continued 'good faith standard' regarding benefits statements
September 18, 2007

Council briefs media: meaningful, useful 401(k) plan fee disclosure just one piece of the puzzle
July 26, 2007

Council responds to DOL request for information on 401(k) plan fees
July 24, 2007

Council urges Education and Labor Committee to pass Kline mental health parity substitute
July 17, 2007

Council experts to brief media on importance of 401k plans
July 16, 2007

Council urges additional DOL guidance for pension plan providers complying with benefits statement rules
July 12, 2007

Council to House Education and Labor Committee: H.R. 1424 threatens critical federal preemption law
July 10, 2007

Council testifies before DOL advisory panel on need for expanded financial literacy
July 10, 2007

Council commends 'save for retirement' resolution
June 25, 2007

Council testifies before House subcommittee: Senate bill achieves real mental health parity
June 15, 2007

Council applauds Third Circuit Appeals Court decision in AARP v. EEOC retiree health case
June 5, 2007

Two former Council staff members, two current Council staff members assume new roles, responsibilities
May 31, 2007

Ability to offer uniform health benefits essential for multi-state employers
May 22, 2007

Council supports Administration's Four Cornerstones proposal on value-driven health care
May 10, 2007

Macey: modifications to Pension Protection Act necessary to avoid unintended consequences
May 3, 2007

Council encouraged by improved pension funding, but still troubled by demise of defined benefit plans
April 11, 2007

Council supports bipartisan Senate approach to achieve mental health parity
March 26, 2007

Council states that health care reform will succeed only by combined efforts of all stakeholders
March 15, 2007

Council urges rejection of deferred compensation provision in minimum wage legislation
March 14, 2007

Council stresses importance of 401(k) fee disclosure rules
March 6, 2007

Council commends mental health parity bill passed by Senate HELP committee
February 14, 2007

Council staff available to comment on State of the Union health, tax and entitlement proposals
January 23, 2007

Supreme Court declines to hear Cooper v. IBM cash balance pension case, Council available to comment
January 16, 2007