Benefits Compliance Center & Benefits Helpline


As a member of the American Benefits Council, one of the most valuable resources available to you is the Benefits Compliance Center.

As we move through a critical time for health, retirement and nonqualified deferred compensation policy, the Council's legislative and regulatory advocacy on your behalf is more important than ever. We also realize that conforming benefit plans to applicable law remains an essential function for every employer. This is where the Benefits Compliance Center comes in.

Council staff regularly receives member company inquiries concerning:

  • compliance challenges posed by new and existing laws and regulations;
  • how other Council members interpret and implement new requirements;
  • the timetable for federal and state agency decisions and likely outcome; and
  • assistance (usually in the form of formal or informal agency guidance) with company-specific plan design and operation situations.

The Council has formalized and enhanced these and other related services in the Benefits Compliance Center. Member companies are encouraged to call the toll-free Helpline (1-800-296-6700) for assistance on these types of issues. In many instances, Council staff will be able to answer questions. When additional information is needed, we will call upon the experience of others within the Council membership who have agreed to provide insights.

Of course, the Council is not rendering either legal or consulting advice through this service. Rather, we are sharing available information that represents how others have interpreted various requirements, and are providing access to the perspectives of some of the nation's leading employee benefits experts. More information about this service is available by contacting Council staff.