June 2, 2004
BB 04—61

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  • IRS Gears Up for Team Audits of Large Plans
  • REMINDER: Council User IDs, Passwords for Members-Only Web Site Documents

IRS Gears Up for Team Audits of Large Plans

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is preparing to perform team audits — comprehensive official reviews — of large qualified retirement plans and their operations. (Large qualified retirement plans are defined by the IRS for this purpose as plans covering more than 2,500 participants.) Council staff discussed the program with the Employee Plans Examination, Program & Review group at the IRS, which indicated the IRS has six groups of auditors — three in training and three that have conducted pilot audits.

The IRS indicated that, until now, it has not dedicated sufficient resources to large plan audits. They estimate that approximately 60 percent of qualified plan participants are covered by large plans. The IRS is drafting a list of anticipated audit issues that will be made available to the public within a few weeks and posted on an official Web site by the end of the IRS's fiscal year (September 30). The IRS official with whom the Council spoke said some likely areas of focus will be acquisitions, terminations, problems in certain industries and types of benefits being paid out of the trust.

The pilot audits have resulted in significant changes to the returns filed by 80 percent of the audited plans — a much higher percentage than other types of audits. The IRS anticipates as many as 90 of these in-depth team audits per year. Individual audit teams may consist of a group manager, a senior revenue agent and perhaps a second agent, a computer audit specialist, an attorney, an actuary and a determination letter specialist. Specialists will be pre-assigned depending on the expected issues.

The IRS characterized the large plan audit selection process as "unique", indicating there will be multiple steps in the selection process. Initial determinations will likely be made by area IRS managers and large group managers factors such as related entities, size of assets and contributions and types of plans. Final selection will be made by a committee that will attempt to select plans most likely to have issues. For more information, contact Jan Jacobson, Council director, retirement policy, at (202) 289-6700.

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