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Benefits Byte: All 2015 Issues

December 362, 2015

  • IRS Guidance Announces Automatic Extension of Filing Deadlines for ACA Information Reporting

December 356, 2015

  • Council Issues Benefits Passport Summarizing OECD Meeting; Members Invited to Help Review Draft Papers
  • IRS Meets with Employer Groups on Readiness for ACA Information Reporting
  • PBGC Finalizes Rules for Multiemployer Pension Plan Partitions
  • DOL Announces New 2015 ERISA Advisory Council Members

December 352, 2015

  • House, Senate Approve Spending-Tax Extenders Legislation With ‘Cadillac Tax’ Delay
  • Lawmakers Release Legislation to Address Investment Advisor Fiduciary Standard
  • Council Asks Supreme Court to Consider Case Regarding ‘Normal Retirement Age’
  • Executive Branch Agencies Release Regulatory Agendas; IRS Issues Priority Guidance Plan

December 350, 2015

  • ‘Omnibus’ Spending Deal Includes Two-Year ‘Cadillac Tax’ Delay
  • Tax ‘Extenders’ Package Unveiled with Some Benefits Provisions
  • Treasury Department, IRS Release Guidance on Range of ACA Issues
  • PBGC Releases 2016 Premium Filing Instructions

December 348, 2015

  • Treasury, HHS Issue Additional Guidance on ACA State Innovation Waivers; Potentially Important Implications for Multi-State Plan Sponsors

December 345, 2015

  • Endgame Outlook and Summary: Congress’ Agenda Before Adjournment
  • PBGC Roundup: De-Risking, Reportable Events, E-Filing
  • DOL Provides Additional Guidance Regarding 2015 Form 5500 Series

December 344, 2015

  • Fiduciary Rule Update: Lawmakers Consider Options as House Subcommittee Holds Hearing
  • IRS Guidance Seeks to Clarify Plan Administration under Obergefell

December 338, 2015

  • Council Voices Support for Workplace Retirement Plan Bill Reintroduced in House
  • EEOC Extends Comment Period for Proposed GINA Rule
  • Obama Administration Releases Advance Copies of 2015 Form 5500 Annual Return/Report, Supplemental Compliance Reporting Delayed

December 337, 2015

  • ‘Cadillac Tax’ Update: Overwhelming Support for Repeal in Senate Vote; Fight the 40 Earns Media Coverage
  • Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Case with ERISA Preemption Implications
  • Transportation Bill Conference Agreement Mostly Free of Benefit Provisions

November 329, 2015

  • Possible Two-Year Delay of 40% ‘Cadillac Tax’ Under Discussion

November 322, 2015

  • New Benefits Blueprint Examines ‘Cadillac Tax’ Economic Research
  • DOL Proposes New Claims Procedures for Plans Providing Disability Benefits
  • Council Urgently Requests Guidance on Mortality Tables under BBA
  • Council Asks IRS, OMB for Additional Clarity on New Form 5500 Filing Requirements

November 321, 2015

  • Council Criticizes Budget Process Leading to PBGC Premium Increases; PBGC Releases FY 2015 Deficit
  • Council Comments on IRS Proposals for Clarifying MEC Reporting Requirements
  • Congressional Income Protection Caucus Launched

November 320, 2015

  • DOL Releases Rules for State-Run Retirement Plans

November 317, 2015

  • IRS Provides Guidance for Transition to Final Hybrid Rules
  • Obama Administration Releases Collective Final Regulations on Various ACA Matters

November 315, 2015

  • Council Submits Comments on Proposed ACA Nondiscrimination Rules
  • Fiduciary Prevails in Sixth Circuit Stock Drop Case

November 313, 2015

  • IRS Conducting Online Readiness Survey for ACA Information Reporting
  • American Benefits Council IN THE NEWS
  • Council Staff Participate in ‘Run for Retirement’

November 309, 2015

  • ERISA Advisory Council Releases Recommendations, Borzi Discusses Regulatory Activity
  • House Lawmakers Propose ‘Best Interest’ Fiduciary Standard Addition to DOL Rule; Bipartisan Lawmakers Release Legislative Principles
  • Treasury Expanding myRA Program to Include New Funding Options
  • Employers Can Continue to Call IRS After Recent Reorganization

November 307, 2015

  • Bipartisan Budget Act Signed into Law
  • Council Comments on IRS Proposed Regulations for Determining ‘Minimum Value’ of Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage Requiring Inpatient Services

October 302, 2015

  • EEOC Proposes Wellness, Genetic Nondiscrimination Rules Under GINA Title II
  • Senate Subcommittee Discusses Expanding Multiple Employer Plans

October 301, 2015

  • Revised Budget Agreement Approved by House with Additional PBGC Premium Increases, Extended Pension Relief
  • Council Asks Treasury, IRS to Withdraw Lump Sum Guidance
  • Council Files Amicus Brief in Fifth Circuit Regarding Texas ‘Prompt Payer’ Statute
  • House Passes Measure to Delay DOL Fiduciary Rule

October 300, 2015

  • Bipartisan Budget Agreement Includes Numerous Benefits Provisions Including Defined Benefit Plan Changes, ACA Auto-Enrollment Repeal

October 296, 2015

  • DOL Guidance Addresses Socially Responsible Investing
  • House Approves Budget Reconciliation Measure Repealing Key Provisions of ACA
  • New ACA FAQ Guidance Addresses Preventive Care, Wellness, Mental Health
  • Morning Consult Profiles Council’s Katy Spangler

October 293, 2015

  • Council Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Support ERISA Preemption in Vermont Health Case
  • Emerging Issue: State, Local Paid Leave Mandates
  • IRS Announces Changes in Retirement Plan Limits for 2016

October 287, 2015

  • Council, LIUNA Joint Op-Ed Runs in Roll Call, Alliance to Fight the 40 Continues Momentum
  • Good News, Bad News: ERISA Litigation Developments

October 286, 2015

  • President Signs ACA Small Employer Reform Bill Into Law
  • Tom Reeder Confirmed as PBGC Director
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Council Webinars

October 281, 2015

  • Society of Actuaries Revises Mortality Table Improvement Scale
  • Senate Legislation Would Empower Participants in Multiemployer Pension Plans
  • High Court Declines to Review ERISA Case

October 278, 2015

  • Council Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Review ‘Stock Drop’ Case
  • ‘Women’s Pension Protection Act’ Introduced in Senate
  • DOL Notice Supports QPAM Exemption from Prohibited Transactions

October 275, 2015

  • Council Submits Comments on IRS /Treasury Proposed Approaches for Administration of the 40 Percent Tax
  • Council Comments on IRS Revisions to Determination Letter Program
  • Council Submits Amicus Brief on Court Case Addressing Fiduciary ‘Fraud’

October 274, 2015

  • Education and the Workforce Committee Votes to Repeal ACA Automatic Enrollment Provision
  • GAO Examines State-Run Private-Sector Retirement Plans
  • Another House Committee Examines DOL Fiduciary Rule

September 272, 2015

  • Ways and Means Committee Votes to Repeal Elements of ACA Including 40 Percent Tax

September 271, 2015

  • House Committees to Consider Reconciliation Legislation Repealing ACA 40 Percent Tax, Automatic Enrollment, Individual and Employer Mandate
  • PBGC Projects Improvement in Single-Employer, Multiemployer Pension Plan Programs
  • Council, Allies Offer Comments on Proposed PBGC Actuarial Reporting Rules

September 267, 2015

  • Democrats Introduce New ‘Cadillac Tax’ Repeal Bill in Senate
  • Council Provides Additional Comments to DOL/EBSA on Fiduciary Rule
  • CMS Provides New Guidance on Federally-Facilitated Marketplace Employer Notice Program

September 260, 2015

  • Bipartisan Legislation to Repeal 40 Percent ‘Cadillac’ Tax Introduced in Senate
  • IRS Issues Guidance on ACA Reporting, Finalizes 2015 Reporting Forms, Instructions

September 259, 2015

  • Update: HHS Confirms Maximum Out-of-Pocket Limits for Essential Health Benefits Under ACA
  • Council Letter to ERISA Advisory Council Urges Focus on Employer-Employee Engagement
  • PBGC Issues Final Rules for Multiemployer Plan Electronic Filing

September 258, 2015

  • HHS Confirms Maximum Out-of-Pocket Limits for Essential Health Benefits Under ACA
  • New IRS Guidance Allows Plans to Waive Electronic Filing of Form 8955-SSA, Form 5500-EZ

September 253, 2015

  • PBGC Issues Final Regulations on ‘Reportable Events’
  • IRS Finalizes Rules for Minimum Required Pension Contributions
  • House Subcommittees Scrutinize DOL Fiduciary Definition Rule
  • GAO Report Examines Default 401(k) Investments

September 251, 2015

  • Council IN THE NEWS: Fighting the 40 Percent Tax on Health Benefits
  • DOL Releases Transcripts from Fiduciary Rule Hearings; New Comments Due Sept. 24
  • Council Amicus Brief Challenges Court’s Expansion of Dudenhoeffer Standard

September 244, 2015

  • New Benefits Blueprint Outlines Latest IRS Notice Requesting Comment on Implementation of the 40 Percent Tax on Health Benefits
  • IRS Issues New Regulations for Determining ‘Minimum Value’ of Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage Requiring Inpatient Services
  • IRS Issues Temporary, Proposed Regulations Regarding Votes on Multiemployer Benefit Cuts
  • IRS Specifies New Pension Funding Requirements for Certain Charities, Co-ops

August 231, 2015

  • Council Voices Support for Retirement Plan Administrator in Request for Supreme Court Hearing
  • Council Letter Urges Use of Social Security Data in Updated 2016 Static Mortality Tables for Pension Plans

August 225, 2015

  • DOL hears Council Testimony on Fiduciary Liability Definition Concerns During Proposed Rule Hearing
  • IRS Regulations Eliminate 30-Day Automatic Filing Extension for Selected Information Reporting Forms Beginning with 2017 Plan Year

August 219, 2015

  • IRS Releases Revised Drafts of 2015 PPACA Employer Reporting Forms, Instructions

August 218, 2015

  • SEC Finalizes Pay Ratio Disclosure Rules
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Associate Membership

August 215, 2015

  • Agencies Release Updated Static Mortality Tables for Defined Benefit Plans for 2016

July 211, 2015

  • IRS Releases Second Notice Requesting Comment on Implementation Approaches to 40 Percent Excise Tax
  • Council Submits Letter to CMS on HIPAA Health Plan Identifier Requirement
  • PBGC Proposes Changes to Annual Financial, Actuarial Information Reporting Requirements
  • Senate Approves Transportation Funding Measure with Extension of Section 420 Transfers

July 209, 2015

  • Council and Others Formally Launch Coalition Seeking Repeal of 40 Percent (“Cadillac”) Tax
  • Trustees Unveil Reports on Social Security, Medicare Trust Funds

July 203, 2015

  • Council Files Comments with U.S. Department of Labor on Fiduciary Definition Proposal
  • Senate Finance Committee Approves Tax “Extenders” Legislation  
  • IRS Revises Determination Letter Program for Individually Designed Qualified Plans

July 201, 2015

  • House Approves Transportation Funding Measure with Extension of Section 420 Transfers

July 195, 2015

  • Final PPACA Preventive Care Regulations Provide Accommodations for Religious Objections to Contraceptive Coverage
  • DOL Clarifies Fiduciary Liability ‘Time of Selection’ Standard for Annuities in Defined Contribution Plans

July 190, 2015

  • IRS Issues Notice Prohibiting Certain Pension Plan Lump Sum Payments
  • Council Files Amicus Brief in Deferred Stock Plan Case

July 189, 2015

  • Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Working Groups Release Reports

July 183, 2015

  • SEC Issues Proposed Executive Compensation “Clawback” Rules

July 182, 2015

  • IRS Issues Interim Guidance on Expatriate Plans under PPACA

June 181, 2015

  • Supreme Court Denies Review in Reverse Stock Drop Case

June 180, 2015

  • Supreme Court Decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, Implications for Benefit Arrangements

June 177, 2015

  • Council Joins Group Letter Urging Congress to Repeal 40 Percent Tax
  • Senate Committee Hearing Discusses Work in Retirement

June 176, 2015

  • Supreme Court Rules for Administration in King v. Burwell, Upholds Subsidies
  • Treasury, IRS Release Proposed, Temporary Multiemployer Pension Reform Regulations
  • Health Care Markup in the Senate Finance Committee; House Subcommittee Examines Health Insurance Premiums

June 173, 2015

  • Council Comments on EEOC Proposed Regulations Governing Wellness Programs

June 169, 2015

  • House Committee Hearing on DOL Fiduciary Definition Proposed Rule
  • Council Comments to Agencies Regarding “Embedded” Maximum Out-of-Pocket Rules under PPACA
  • IRS Releases Draft 2015 Employer Reporting Forms
  • PBGC Issues Rules for Multiemployer Pension Plan Partitions

June 167, 2015

  • Council, with Global Pensions Alliance, Writes Financial Stability Board on Methods for Determining ‘Systemically Important Financial Institutions’
  • GAO Finds No Need for New Regulations Addressing Frequent Trading in 401(k) Plans

June 163, 2015

  • House Committee Announces Hearing on Fiduciary Rule
  • Legislation Introduced to Ease Employers’ PPACA Reporting Obligations
  • House Committee Discusses Changes to PPACA, Health Care System
  • Final Regulations on PPACA Summary of Benefits and Coverage Issued

June 161, 2015

  • New IRS Guidance Indicates Changes to Determination Letter Program

June 156, 2015

  • Bill Introduced to Expand Electronic Disclosure of Retirement Information; Council Voices Support
  • ERISA Advisory Council Hears Testimony on Lifetime Participation, Pension Plan De-Risking Disclosures

May 149, 2015

  • CMS Soliciting Feedback on HIPAA Health Plan Identifier Requirement
  • ERISA Advisory Council Hears Testimony on Benefits Issues, Including Witness from American Benefits Council on Pension De-Risking Disclosures
  • Council Urges Supreme Court Review in Case Involving ERISA Action against Claims Administrator
  • Ninth Circuit Amends Opinion, Denies Review in ‘Stock Drop’ Case, With Strong Dissent
  • EBSA Report Finds Flaws In Employee Benefit Plan Audits

May 146, 2015

  • New Guidance Further Clarifies Application of PPACA Maximum Out-of-Pocket Rules, Provider Nondiscrimination
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Associate Membership

May 140, 2015

  • IRS Provides New Guidance on PPACA Reporting
  • Senate Committee Scrutinizes EEOC; Agency Aims to Publish GINA Rule in July
  • House Subcommittee Examines PPACA Implementation, Executive Actions

May 138, 2015

  • DOL Provides Additional 15 Days to Comment on Fiduciary Definition Proposal
  • Council Provides Comments to Treasury and IRS Regarding the 40 Percent Tax on Employee Health Benefits
  • Supreme Court Expands View of ERISA Statute of Limitations for 401(k) Plan Fee Litigation
  • Stock Drop Case Dismissed Under Post-Dudenhoffer Law

May 135, 2015

  • Bipartisan Lifetime Income Disclosure Legislation Introduced in Senate
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Final Survey Reminder

May 133, 2015

  • Senators Urge DOL to Extend Comment Period for Fiduciary Definition Proposal
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Survey Reminder

May 131, 2015

  • Latest FAQ Provides Guidance on Coverage of Preventive Services under PPACA

May 128, 2015

  • HHS Provides Additional Guidance on Maximum Out-of-Pocket Rules under PPACA
  • IRS Chief Council Weighs In on 409A Corrections

May 125, 2015

  • Council Requests Additional Time to Review, Comment on Fiduciary Definition Proposal
  • IRS Releases 2016 Indexed Amounts for HSAs, HDHPs

May 121, 2015

  • Council Encourages IRS to Issue Guidance on Substantiation of Hardship Distributions, Loans
  • SEC Proposes Rule Requiring New Pay-For-Performance Disclosure

April 120, 2015

  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Survey Reminder
  • House-Senate Budget Agreement Includes Reconciliation Instructions for Health Reform
  • House Subcommittee Hearing Discusses Additional Multiemployer Pension Reform, Alternate Savings Plan

April 118, 2015

  • Rep. Courtney Introduces Legislation to Repeal PPACA Excise Tax Joined by Council President Klein, Organized Labor and Public Employer Representatives
  • CMS Embraces Value-Based Payment Approach with Implications for Employers

April 117, 2015

  • FASB Proposes Updates to Accounting Standards for Retirement, Health Plans
  • American Benefits Council IN THE NEWS

April 112, 2015

  • Chairman Kline Talks Retirement, Health Benefits Policy in Exclusive ‘Pomeroy Perspectives’ Interview
  • New Benefits Blueprint Summary Available: Multiemployer Pension Reforms
  • Council Submits Amicus Brief in Case Regarding Whether Providers are Statutory Beneficiaries under ERISA

April 106, 2015

  • EEOC Issues Long-Awaited Regulations Governing Wellness Programs
  • Departments Issue Clarifying Guidance Regarding Employer Wellness Programs

April 105, 2015

  • Council Statement to Senate Finance Committee Working Group: Proper Perspective Needed When Evaluating Retirement Plan Tax Incentives
  • Senate Approves ‘Doc Fix’ After Rejecting Several Amendments; President to Sign
  • House Subcommittees Examine PPACA Five Years After Enactment

April 104, 2015

  • DOL, EBSA Release Re-proposed Fiduciary Rule

April 100, 2015

  • CMS Reverses Course on Medicare Advantage Cuts
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Associate Membership

April 96, 2015

  • Council Joins Consumer-Purchaser Alliance in Comments to HHS Recommending Ways to Expand Interoperability of Health Information Technology
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Council is Now a SHRM Preferred Provider for Professional Development Credits

April 92, 2015

  • IRS Again Updates EPCRS to Facilitate Automatic Enrollment, Releases Guidance on Hardship Distributions
  • IRS Finalizes Regulations Clarifying Definition of Performance-Based Compensation under 162(m)

March 90, 2015

  • Council Letter Supports SEAL Act, Commends Sponsors for Addressing Retirement Leakage
  • Council Comments on Proposed Certification for Access to Death Master File
  • Treasury/IRS Issues Guidance on Expatriate Plans under PPACA
  • IRS Updates EPCRS Correction Program

March 89, 2015

  • Newly Updated: Summary of 40% Excise Tax on High-Cost Health Coverage
  • New Council Analysis: Examining CEA Report Underlying Proposed Fiduciary Rule
  • DOL Updates Timeframe for Finalization of SBC Rules, Forms

March 86, 2015

  • House Approves ‘Doc Fix,’ Partially Offset; Senate Expected to Follow Suit After Recess
  • House, Senate Approve Separate 2016 Budget Resolutions
  • Council Amicus Brief Disputes District Court’s Ruling that Retirement Plan is ‘Affiliate’ of Sponsoring Company

March 84, 2015

  • Council Testifies on Swaps and Pension Plans
  • Council Letter to Treasury, IRS Outlines Concerns with 2014 Mortality Table Updates
  • ERISA Advisory Council Announces 2015 Discussion Topics

March 83, 2015

  • Council Testifies Before House Panel: Wellness Programs Need Regulatory Certainty

March 79, 2015

  • 2016 Budget Resolutions Approved by Senate, House Panels
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Updating Member Contact Information

March 78, 2015

  • IRS Extends Nondiscrimination Relief for Frozen Defined Benefit Plans through 2016
  • House Committee Discusses Upcoming Fiduciary Rule, DOL Budget Request
  • Third Circuit Affirms Lower Court Decision in Favor of Plan Participants, Disregarding ‘Legal Deference’ Principle

March 77, 2015

  • DOL Issues New Regulations for Timing of Defined Contribution Plan Annual Disclosure
  • House Ways and Means Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Evidence-Based Policymaking
  • IRS Issues New Guidance on FATCA; Senate Committee Examines International Taxation

March 76, 2015

  • House GOP Unveils Budget Proposal Including PPACA Repeal, Tax Reform

March 75, 2015

  • Agencies Issue Final Regulations for Limited Wraparound Coverage as "Excepted Benefits"

March 72, 2015

  • Senate Committee Kicks Off Series of Retirement Security Hearings 
  • Council Elects New Officers and Board Members, Reports Record Membership Growth

March 69, 2015

  • Final HHS 2016 Benefit and Payment Parameters Notice Addresses Maximum Out-of-Pocket, Minimum Value Requirements
  • Senate Finance Committee Focuses on Simplification of Tax Code

March 68, 2015

  • Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Overturns Disgorgement of Profits Award Under ERISA in Rochow v. LINA
  • Supreme Court Signals Interest in a Reverse Stock Drop Case

March 65, 2015

  • Senate, House Leaders Introduce Employer Wellness Programs Bill; Council Voices Support
  • Senate Finance Committee Examines Tax 'Fairness' in Latest Hearing
  • Tax 'Loopholes' Report Takes Aim at Executive Compensation
  • Congress Announces New Retirement Security Caucuses

March 63, 2015

  • Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in King v. Burwell
  • Council Comments on Proposed PPACA Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  • SEC Issues No-Action Letter on Participant-Level Fee Disclosure for Non-ERISA Plans

February 57, 2015

  • New Summary Available: State Retirement Plan Initiatives
  • GAO Reports on Defined Benefit Plans Offering Lump Sum Payments

February 55, 2015

  • Senate Finance Committee Hearing Emphasizes Need for Tax Reform, Lower Corporate Tax Rates

February 54, 2015

  • IRS Requests Comment on Possible Approaches to Rules for 40 Percent Excise Tax 
  • President Obama Announces DOL Re-Proposal of Rule Updating Definition of "Fiduciary"

February 50, 2015

  • Council and Other Employer Groups Express Opposition to Proposed Cuts in Medicare Advantage Program
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Council Webinars

February 49, 2015

  • IRS Guidance Provides Limited Relief for 'Employer Payment Plans' Under PPACA
  • PBGC Requests Input on Implementation of Multiemployer Pension Plan Provisions
  • DOL Issues Extension of Comment Period on QPAM Extension

February 44, 2015

  • New IRS Fact Sheet Summarizes Employer 'Shared Responsibility' Payments under PPACA
  • IRS Issues RFI on Benefit Suspensions in Multiemployer Pension Plan Provisions
  • New FAQ Guidance Addresses Supplemental Excepted Benefits

February 41, 2015

  • Senate Finance Committee Examines 1986 Tax Reform Act as it Considers 2015 Reform Effort
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Continuing Education Credits

February 40, 2015

  • IRS Releases Final Forms and Instructions for PPACA Information Reporting  
  • DOL Seeking Input on Updating Regulatory Process

February 37, 2015

  • Treasury Suggests Possible Flexibility on Use of Stand-Alone HRAs for Purchase of Health Coverage
  • Congressional Committee Hearings Examine President's Budget in Detail

February 36, 2015

  • GOP Unveils Measure to Replace PPACA Including Cap on Health Tax Exclusion

February 34, 2015

  • House Approves Repeal of PPACA; Repeal of Employer Mandate Introduced in Senate
  • American Benefits Council IN THE NEWS

February 33, 2015

  • Obama FY 2016 Budget Analysis: Summary of Retirement and Health Plan Proposals
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Associate Membership

January 30, 2015

  • Legislation to Encourage Workplace Retirement Saving Introduced in Senate, House
  • DOL Finalizes Defined Benefit Plan Model Annual Notice Requirements
  • PBGC Updates Forms for Standard/Distress Terminations, Missing Participants

January 29, 2015

  • Dow Witness Testifies on Council's Behalf in Senate Hearing on Employer Wellness Programs
  • Senate Finance Committee Approves Bill to Exempt Veterans from PPACA Employer Mandate Calculations

January 27, 2015

  • White House Outlines Retirement Reform Proposals
  • Preview of the 114th Congress

January 26, 2015

  • Council Amicus Brief in Tibble v. Edison Emphasizes Importance of Statute of Limitations
  • Supreme Court Invalidates Special Inference of Retiree Health Benefit Vesting

January 23, 2015

  • Senate Committee Hears Testimony on Job-Based Health Insurance, Full-Time Work Week
  • PBGC Requests Input on Proposed Changes to Reportable Events Forms
  • NTIS Extends Comment Deadline on Proposed Certification for Access to Death Master File

January 22, 2015

  • Council Comments on EBSA Proposal for Limited Wraparound Coverage as 'Excepted Benefits'
  • A Bit About Your Benefits: Council Webinars

January 15, 2015

  • Senate Finance Committee to Establish Bipartisan Tax Reform Working Groups
  • DOL Updates Pension Plan Notice Requirements Under HATFA; IRS Releases Segment Rates
  • NTIS Proposed Certification Program for Access to Death Master File

January 12, 2015

  • Council Comments Emphasize Need to Extend Relief for Frozen Pension Plans
  • GAO Report Recommends Additional Protections for 401(k) Automatic Rollovers
  • PBGC to Revise De-Risking Reporting Guidelines

January 9, 2015

  • Council Testifies at IRS Hearing on Proposed Hybrid Plan Amendments
  • CORRECTION: Cost of House 40-Hour Work Week Bill $53.2 Billion Over Ten Years

January 8, 2015

  • House Approves Legislation Marking 40 Hours as 'Full Time' for PPACA Purposes
  • IRS Issues Guidance on Retroactive Application of Mass Transit Benefit Parity Provision

January 7, 2015

  • Council Letter Supports Legislation Marking 40 Hours as 'Full Time,' Calls for Additional Changes to Related Employer Responsibility Provisions
  • House Passes Bill Exempting Veterans When Determining Employer Mandate Applicability
  • First State-Mandated Employer Retirement Plan Signed Into Law in Illinois

January 6, 2015

  • Employer Letter to OMB Voices Concerns Regarding DOL 408(b)(2) 'Guide' Proposal
  • PBGC Ends Moratorium on Section 4062(e) Enforcement; Summary of Clarifying Legislation Now Available
  • IRS Announces Automatic Approval for "Takeover" Plans Changing Funding Method

January 5, 2015

  • PBGC Participant and Plan Sponsor Advocate Suggests Improved Communication, Coordination in First Annual Report
  • Council Issues Benefits Passport Summarizing Global Benefits Committee Meeting
  • Council Comments on QPAM Exemption
  • Treasury Formally Launches myRA Program
  • IRS Issues Revenue Bulletin, Updated Procedures for Determination Letters, User Fees