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Benefits Byte: All 2014 Issues

December 357, 2014

  • Agencies Propose Regulations for Limited Wraparound Coverage as "Excepted Benefits"
  • Council Comments on 2016 Benefit and Payment Parameters, Minimum Value Definition
  • Proposed Regulations on PPACA Summary of Benefits and Coverage Issued
  • IRS Issues Guidance on Employee Plans Determination Letter Process in 2015
  • President Signs Tax "Extenders" Package Into Law

December 352, 2014

  • Summary: Expatriate Provision Included in Omnibus Spending Bill
  • Council Comments to IRS on Proposed Transitional Amendments to Hybrid Plans

December 351, 2014

  • Senate Approves Tax "Extenders" Package
  • DOL Letter Clarifies Treatment of myRA Programs
  • DOL Announces New 2015 ERISA Advisory Council Members

December 350, 2014

  • New Edition of Pomeroy Perspectives: Lessons Learned During the Lame-Duck Session
  • Incoming Finance Committee Chairman Reiterates Support for Retirement Savings
  • DOL Releases Advance Copies of Form 5500, 5500-SF
  • CMS Updates "Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate" County List for PPACA Disclosures

December 349, 2014

  • Senate Approves $1.1 Trillion Spending Package, Including Benefits Provisions; Tax Extenders Awaiting Final Approval

December 346, 2014

  • Update: House Approves $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill with Benefits Provisions; Senate Up Next
  • Outgoing House Chairman Introduces Tax Reform Legislative Text, Incoming Senate Chairman Releases Tax Reform Analysis
  • New Council Chart Lists Leading Retirement Coverage Proposals

December 344, 2014

  • Congress to Vote on $1.1 Trillion Continuing Resolution and Omnibus Bill Including Pension Provisions

December 343, 2014

  • DOL, EBSA Seeking to Conduct Focus Groups on 408(b)(2) Fee Disclosures
  • IRS Issues Cumulative List of Qualification Requirements, Extends Cycle D Plan Deadline

December 338, 2014

  • IRS Issues New Guidelines for PEP Determination Letter Process

December 337, 2014

  • House Passes Tax "Extenders" Bill, Including Multiemployer Pension Funding
  • House Approves ABLE Act

December 335, 2014

  • List of Upcoming Council Webinars - Save the Dates!
  • Outlook on Potential Defined Contribution, IRA Changes in Conjunction with Tax Reform; Incoming Finance Chairman Defends Existing Incentives

November 330, 2014

  • Executive Branch Agencies Release Regulatory Agendas; IRS Issues Priority Guidance Plan

November 329, 2014

  • Final MEC, Individual Mandate Regulations Address Flex Credits, Wellness Programs
  • Defined Benefit Plan Measures May Arise in End-of-Year Legislation
  • Council Comments to PBGC on Proposed Revisions to the 2015 Premium Filing Procedures
  • Council Urges Flexibility in Swap Rules as Member of Global Pension Coalition

November 328, 2014

  • House Formally Files Lawsuit Against Obama Administration
  • CMS Announces PPACA Transitional Reinsurance Fee Amount for 2016; Formalizes In-Patient Hospitalization Requirement for Minimum Value Plans
  • PBGC Finalizes Rules on Defined Contribution-to-Defined Benefit Plan Rollovers
  • IRS Issues Guidance on Safe Harbor Rollover Notices

November 323, 2014

  • Council Provides Input to DOL on Use of Brokerage Windows in 401(k) Plans
  • EBSA Issues Updated Guidance for Compliance with PPACA, Mental Health Parity Rules

November 321, 2014

  • HHS Extends Deadline for Submitting Enrollment Counts for PPACA Transitional Reinsurance Program
  • PBGC Reveals Fiscal Year 2014 Deficit; Multiemployer Plan Legislation Possible
  • Senate HELP Committee Holds Hearing on EEOC Nominations, Wellness Program Suits
  • IRS Issues Guidance on IRA Rollover Limit

November 314, 2014

  • ERISA Advisory Council Releases Final Recommendations; EBSA Provides Regulatory Update

November 311, 2014

  • Supreme Court to Consider Matter of Subsidies in Federally Facilitated Health Exchanges
  • DOL Releases Rules on Form 5500 Requirements for MEPs
  • DOL Issues Guidance on State Regulation of Stop-Loss Insurance
  • PBGC Soliciting Focus Group Participants

November 310, 2014

  • New FAQ Guidance Addresses Premium Reimbursement Arrangements

November 309, 2014

  • Council Comments on Draft Forms and Instructions for Compliance with PPACA Reporting Requirements
  • IRS Issues FAQs on Transitional Reinsurance Program

November 308, 2014

  • IRS Guidance Clarifies Treatment of Certain Health Coverage in Wake of MV Calculator Glitch

November 307, 2014

  • District Court Denies EEOC's Request to Block Employer Wellness Program
  • GAO Issues Report on Public vs. Private Sector Defined Benefit Discount Rates

November 305, 2014

  • CMS Announces Delay in HPID Enforcement

October 304, 2014

  • Ninth Circuit Sides with Participants in Stock Drop Case Remanded from Supreme Court
  • IRS Issues Annual Guidance on Inflation Adjustments for Certain Tax Provisions

October 302, 2014

  • EEOC Continues to Pursue Legal Action Against Employer Wellness Programs

October 300, 2014

  • Council Requests Additional IRS Guidance on Rollover Notices
  • Society of Actuaries Releases Final Mortality Reports

October 297, 2014

  • IRS/DOL Guidance Permits Use of Annuities Inside TDFs Used as QDIAs
  • Society of Actuaries Responds to Council Letter on Mortality Tables
  • Council Continues to Urge Legislative Fix to Pension Plan 'Shutdown' Procedures under 4062(e)
  • Submission Form for Transitional Reinsurance Program Annual Enrollment Count Now Available
  • PBGC Publishes Premium Rates for 2015

October 296, 2014

  • IRS Announces Changes in Retirement Plan Limits for 2015
  • Council Comments on Proposed Definition of 'Closely Held, For-Profit Entity' Rules to Accommodate Religious Objections to Contraceptive Coverage under PPACA
  • Senate Committee Leaders Ask Agencies to Examine Pension Plan De-risking Activity

October 294, 2014

  • Submission Form for Transitional Reinsurance Program Annual Enrollment Count Coming Soon
  • PBGC Provides 4010 Filing Guidance Under HATFA Pension Funding Provisions
  • Council Urges Society of Actuaries to Proceed Cautiously with Mortality Table Reports

October 289, 2014

  • Retirement Plan Sponsors, Providers Write EBSA, Make Recommendations for Fee Disclosure Windows
  • EBSA Extends Deadlines for Numerous Information Collection Requests ¬†

October 286, 2014

  • Council Announces "Pomeroy Perspectives" Series
  • Council Voices Support for Legislation Clarifying Defined Benefit Plan 'Shutdown' Procedures
  • CMS Updates HPID Application Process to Eliminate Approval by Authorizing Official ¬†

October 283, 2014

  • New FAQ Provides Updated Guidance on Reference-Based Pricing Under PPACA
  • AQA 'Passes Baton' with Final Meeting on Health Care Measurement and Reporting
  • Planned Outage for IRS FIRE Filing System Used for Forms 5500, 9855-SSA

October 280, 2014

  • EEOC Files Second Lawsuit Challenging an Employer Wellness Program
  • Council Voices Support for Legislation Addressing Frozen Defined Benefit Plan Nondiscrimination Issue
  • ERISA Advisory Council Drafts Recommendations on Plan Outsourcing, Lifetime Plan Participation, PBMs

October 279, 2014

  • IRS Posts Updated Draft Forms for Compliance with PPACA Reporting Requirements
  • Council Joins Group Letter to Congress Celebrating 40 Years of Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans under ERISA
  • Department of Labor Seeks Volunteers for Database Project

September 273, 2014

  • Council Submits Statement to Senate Finance Committee on Retirement Security

September 272, 2014

  • Agencies Finalize Regulations Allowing EAPs and Dental and Vision Plans as 'Excepted Benefits'
  • CMS Provides FAQ Guidance on HPID Requirements and Procedures
  • IRS Issues Final Rule on Electronic Filings; EBSA Proposed Rule Requires Electronic Filing of 'Top-Hat' Statements
  • Regulators Propose New Margin Rules for Swap Transactions
  • CORRECTION: PBGC Guidance Describes Premium Payment under Pension 'Smoothing' Provisions of Highway Act

September 268, 2014

  • American Benefits Council IN THE NEWS: Media Coverage of A 2020 Vision
  • CMS Issues New 'Quick Reference Guide' to Obtaining HPIDs under HIPAA
  • PBGC Guidance Describes Premium Payment under Pension 'Smoothing' Provisions of Highway Act
  • PBGC Issues ICR on Proposal to Require Reporting of De-Risking

September 266, 2014

  • Council Releases A 2020 Vision: New Strategic Plan for Achieving Personal Health and Financial Well-Being
  • Portman, Cardin Introduce Bill Addressing Frozen Defined Benefit Plan Nondiscrimination Issue
  • IRS Issues Guide for Retirement Plan Reporting

September 262, 2014

  • IRS Releases PPACA Guidance Addressing Cafeteria Plans, Full-Time Employee Measurement, PCORI Fee
  • IRS Finalizes Rules for Executive Compensation of Health Providers

September 261, 2014

  • New Summary Available: 40% Excise Tax on High-Cost Health Coverage
  • Treasury, IRS Release Long-Awaited Rules on Hybrid Retirement Plans
  • IRS Releases Guidance on Roth Accounts, After-Tax Allocations

September 260, 2014

  • House Subcommittee Discusses Defined Benefit Plans
  • Senate Passes Legislation Clarifying Defined Benefit Plan 'Shutdown' Procedures

September 259, 2014

  • Witnesses Debate Value of Employer Plans in Senate Hearing on Retirement Security
  • Council Comments on Final Regulations Regarding Suspension or Reduction of Safe Harbor Nonelective Contributions

September 255, 2014

  • IRS Issues Guidance on Pension Plan Funding Elections Under Transportation Bill
  • CMS to Continue Webinar Series on Reinsurance Contributions

September 253, 2014

  • Full Senate to Vote on Legislation Clarifying Defined Benefit Plan 'Shutdown' Procedures
  • House Approves Measure Allowing Insurers to Continue Offering Existing Plans
  • House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Status of PPACA Implementation
  • IRS to Host Defined Benefit Plan Update Webinar

September 251, 2014

  • Council Introduces New Webinar Series on Executive Compensation
  • Webinar Recap: Money Market Fund Guidance & Regulations

September 247, 2014

  • Fourth Circuit Declines to Re-hear Fiduciary Duty Case
  • Council Joins Consumer-Purchaser Alliance in Comments to CMS on Quality Improvement Proposals

September 246, 2014

  • American Benefits Council IN THE NEWS: ERISA's 40th Anniversary
  • Senate Finance Committee to Hold Hearing on Retirement Tax Incentives

August 241, 2014

  • IRS Releases Instructions for PPACA Information Reporting Forms

August 239, 2014

  • IRS Updates Priority Guidance Plan
  • ERISA Advisory Council Holds Second Session on Benefits Issues, Hears Regulatory Update from DOL
  • IRS Issues Revenue Ruling on Puerto Rican Retirement Plans in 81-100 Group Trusts

August 238, 2014

  • Council Urges Full Rehearing of Fiduciary Duty Case by Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • IRS to Host Webcast for Employers on Reporting of Minimum Essential Coverage under Tax Code Section 6055

August 237, 2014

  • Obama Administration Issues New Rules to Accommodate Religious Objections to Contraceptive Coverage under PPACA

August 234, 2014

  • ERISA Advisory Council Hears Testimony on PBM Compensation and Fee Disclosure

August 233, 2014

  • DOL Requests Information on Use of Brokerage Windows in 401(k) Plans

August 232, 2014

  • Council Urges Guidance of Funding Stabilization Provision in Highway Trust Fund Act

August 227, 2014

  • DOL Guidance on Finding Lost Participants for Terminating DC Plans
  • IRS to Rebroadcast Webcast on Reporting of Health Care Coverage under Tax Code Section 6056
  • Puerto Rico Issues Guidance on Tax Prepayment Window for Retirement Plans

August 219, 2014

  • Fourth Circuit Rules Against Retirement Plan Sponsor in Reverse Stock Drop Case
  • Employee Benefits Tax Incentives Top New List of Largest Federal Tax Expenditures

August 217, 2014

  • PBGC Premiums Remain a Possible Revenue Raiser Before Year-End
  • Council Voices Support of Senate Measure to Repeal PPACA Auto Enrollment
  • IRS to Host Webinar for Employers on Reporting of Health Care Coverage under Tax Code Section 6056

August 213, 2014

  • Senate Passes House Version of Transportation Funding Measure, Including Pension Funding Stabilization Provisions; President to Sign
  • Council Comments on FAQ Guidance Regarding Reference-Based Pricing
  • Lawmakers Introduce Measure Addressing Frozen Defined Benefit Plan Nondiscrimination Issue

July 212, 2014

  • House Sends Transportation Funding Measure Back to Senate with Pension Funding Stabilization Restored
  • House Committee Approves ABLE Act
  • House Formally Authorizes Lawsuit Against President Obama on Party-Line Vote
  • Ways and Means Subcommittee Talks Retirement, Social Security
  • House Committee Approves Legislation Addressing PPACA Grandfathering, Health Data After Wide-Ranging Hearing on Health Reform
  • House Subcommittee Hears PPACA Implementation Updates from CMS, GAO

July 210, 2014

  • Senate Strips Pension Funding Stabilization From Transportation Bill
  • GAO Recommends Additional Disclosure, Guidance for Managed Accounts in 401(k) Plans

July 209, 2014

  • Defined Benefit Plan Mortality Tables to Be Issued in October
  • Council Urges Supreme Court to Adopt Predictable Rule for Vesting of Retiree Health Benefits
  • Trustees Unveil Reports on Social Security, Medicare Trust Funds

July 206, 2014

  • Additional Money Market Fund Rules, Guidance Released

July 205, 2014

  • IRS Releases Forms for PPACA Information Reporting

July 204, 2014

  • HELP Committee Approves Bill Amending Defined Benefit Plan 'Shutdown' Procedures under ERISA 4062(e)
  • House Oversight Subcommittee Hears Preliminary Results of GAO Study on PPACA's Premium Tax Credit
  • SEC Amends Money Market Rules
  • Senate Subcommittee Discusses Bill Extending Savings Assistance to Families with Disabled Children

July 203, 2014

  • Conflicting Circuit Court Decisions Raise Questions about PPACA Subsidies in Federal Exchanges
  • House Energy and Commerce Committee Continues Exploration of Health Care Technology

July 202, 2014

  • FINAL REMINDER: Make Sure You are Receiving the New Version of the Benefits Byte
  • Possible New Life Expectancy, Economic Assumptions Could be Reason for Overdue Social Security and Medicare Trustees' Reports
  • CMS to Continue Webinar Series on Reinsurance Contributions

July 197, 2014

  • Senate Blocks Bill Addressing Contraceptive Care
  • IRS Requests Comments on Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans
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July 196, 2014

  • NOTE: This is the new version of the Benefits Byte
  • House Approves Transportation Funding Measure with Pension Funding Stabilization
  • Senate Committee Examines Chronic Care; Council Member Testifies
  • House Approves Legislation to Install Target Date Fund as Default Investment in TSP
  • GAO Suggests Revisions to Form 5500

July 192, 2014

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  • House GOP Lawsuit Against President to Focus on PPACA Employer Mandate Delay
  • PBGC Director Stepping Down

July 191, 2014

  • House, Senate Approve Transportation Funding with Pension Funding Stabilization; Stretch IRA Proposal Not Included
  • Council Raises Concerns with NCOIL Pension De-Risking Proposal
  • IRS Withdraws Portion of Decades-Old Proposed Regulations on IRA Rollovers
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July 189, 2014

  • PBGC Announces 4062(e) Enforcement Moratorium for Remainder of 2014
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July 188, 2014

  • Council Submits Additional Comments to EBSA on Target Date Fund Proposal
  • Reminder: Council Webinars May Be Used for Continuing Education Credits
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July 182, 2014

  • IRS Finalizes Rules Governing Longevity Annuity Contracts
  • Council Joins Consumer-Purchaser Alliance in Call for Further Improvement in Health Care Quality Measurement
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June 181, 2014

  • PBGC Projections Show Improvement in Single-Employer Plans, Multiemployer Plans at Serious Risk
  • Supreme Court Exempts "Closely Held" Companies from Contraceptive Coverage Mandate
  • Summary Now Available for Supreme Court Stock Drop Case Decision
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June 178, 2014

  • Senate Finance Committee Begins Work on Highway Measure that Includes Stretch IRA Provision
  • House Energy and Commerce Committee Explores Health Care Technology and Innovation Policy Options

June 176, 2014

  • CBO Presentation Posits Limiting Health Insurance Tax Exclusion
  • Supreme Court Strikes Down Presumption of Prudence for Stock Fund Fiduciaries
  • Republicans to Challenge Obama's Executive Authority
  • House Subcommittee Hearing Discusses Risk Mitigation Provisions in PPACA
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June 174, 2014

  • Research Commissioned by Council Confirms Adverse Effects of PBGC Premium Increases
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June 171, 2014

  • Administration Issues Final 90-Day Waiting Period 'Orientation Period' Rules
  • ERISA Advisory Council Hears Testimony on Benefits Issues, Including Witness from American Benefits Council on Outsourcing Benefit Plans
  • Council Voices Support for Retirement Plan Administrator in Third Circuit Case
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June 168, 2014

  • Supreme Court Decision: Inherited IRAs Not Exempt from Debtor's Bankruptcy Estate
  • Proposed Legislation Seeks to Protect Employee Benefits in Bankruptcy, Creates Presumption of Vesting for all Retiree Health Benefits

June 167, 2014

  • Council Enhances Communications Team; New Email System Coming Soon

June 161, 2014

  • Council Comments on DOL's Proposed Guide for Plan Fiduciaries
  • Council Weighs in on Provider Nondiscrimination under PPACA

June 153, 2014

  • EBSA Reopens Comment Period on Target Date Funds Proposal
  • IRS Private Letter Rulings Permit Lump-Sum Offerings to Employees in Pay Status
  • Council Writes Society of Actuaries Regarding Defined Benefit Plan Mortality Tables

May 149, 2014

  • PBGC Update: Council Fighting Back on Premiums, 4062(e) Enforcement; Agency Finalizes Multiemployer Plan Valuation Regulations
  • Executive Branch Agencies Release Regulatory Agendas

May 141, 2014

  • Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Social Security Includes Discussion of Employer Plans
  • Joint Economic Committee Examines Retirement Security for Women

May 140, 2014

  • IRS Releases Updated Questions-and-Answers on Employer Health Coverage under PPACA

May 136, 2014

  • IRS Guidance Clarifies Treatment of Mid-Year Plan Amendments Under Windsor
  • ERISA Advisory Council Announces 2014 Discussion Topics

May 134, 2014

  • Rubio Unveils Retirement Security Proposal
  • IRS, PBGC Issue Filing Relief for Federal Disaster Victims
  • IRS Guidance Affects Certain Foreign Retirement Plans

May 129, 2014

  • IRS Issues Final Regulations Regarding Tax Treatment of Payments by Qualified Plans for Medical or Accident Insurance
  • IRS Offers Relief from Certain Late Filing Penalties
  • IRS Provides Transition Period for Withholding Agents Complying with FATCA

May 126, 2014

  • PBGC Finalizes Rule on Unpredictable Contingent Events
  • Supreme Court to Hear Retiree Health Benefits Case

May 125, 2014

  • DOL Proposes Changes to COBRA Health Care Continuation Coverage Notices; CMS Provides Special Enrollment Period
  • New FAQ Guidance Addresses Range of PPACA Topics

April 119, 2014

  • IRS Corrects Final PPACA Reporting Rules Under Code Section 6055; P4P Webinar Set for May 22
  • Council Requests Additional Clarifications to Minimum Essential Coverage 'Affordability' Rules Regarding Cafeteria Plans, Wellness Programs
  • House Ways and Means Committee Takes Up Certain Tax 'Extenders'

April 115, 2014

  • New Council Benefits Blueprint Examines Legal 'Presumption of Prudence' for Employer Stock Fund Fiduciaries
  • Council Comments on Proposed Rules Regarding PPACA 90-Day Waiting Period Limitation
  • Council Comments on Interim Final Regulations Providing for Access to Death Master File

April 113, 2014

  • GAO Issues Report on Retirement Plan Tax Incentives
  • District Court Rules For Fiduciary in Stock Drop Case
  • IRS Releases 2015 Indexed Amounts for HSAs, HDHPs

April 111, 2014

  • Social Security Administration Follows IRS' Lead, Discontinues Letter Forwarding Program
  • Though Tax Reform Unlikely in 2014, Council Continues Advocacy of Benefit Plan Incentives
  • NCR Chairman Bill Nuti, ¬†Retirement Security Champion, Honored by Atlantic Legal Foundation

April 105, 2014

  • Council Urges Treasury to Address 'Liquidity Shortfall' Issue for Defined Benefit Plans
  • PBGC Premium Filing Instructions Finalized

April 99, 2014

  • House Subcommittee Discusses PPACA Employer Mandate
  • Measure Clarifying PPACA Expatriate Plans Fails

April 98, 2014

  • Obama Administration Reverses Course on Medicare Advantage Cuts
  • Senate Passes UI Bill With Pension Funding Stabilization; House Next?
  • Lawmakers Talk Tax Reform in Senate Budget Committee

April 94, 2014

  • IRS Guidance Outlines Application of Windsor Same-Sex Marriage Decision to Retirement Plans

April 93, 2014

  • Senate Finance Committee Approves Tax 'Extenders' Bill
  • IRS Issues New Guidance to Facilitate Retirement Plan Rollovers
  • One-Year 'Doc Fix' Legislation Enacted into Law

April 91, 2014

  • Council Comments on Proposed Regulations for HIPAA Certification of Compliance
  • PBGC Issues Rules on Defined Contribution-to-Defined Benefit Plan Rollovers
  • Amicus Brief Seeks Reversal of Windfall Award Under ERISA

March 87, 2014

  • Council Briefs Capitol Hill Staff on Retirement Plan Tax Incentives
  • IRS Chief Counsel Issues Interpretive Guidance on Health FSA Carryover, HSA Eligibility, Corrective Procedures for Improper FSA Payments
  • IRS Releases New Procedures for 403(b) Plan Administration

March 84, 2014

  • Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments on PPACA Contraceptive Coverage
  • NTIS Now Accepting Applications for Death Master File Access; Interim Final Rule Released
  • House Passes Final Measure Exempting Certain Pension Plan Sponsors from PPA Funding Rules; Funding Stabilization On the Table with UI Extension
  • In Setback to Plan Sponsors and Regulatory Process, U.S. Supreme Court Favors IRS in Severance Pay Decision
  • IRS to Enforce New Limits on IRA 60-Day Rollovers

March 78, 2014

  • NTIS Proposes Application for Access to Death Master File

March 77, 2014

  • Council Leads Group Effort to Maintain Access to Death Master File
  • List of Upcoming Council Webinars - Save the Dates!

March 73, 2014

  • Blueprint Summary Now Available for Final PPACA Employer Responsibility Regulations
  • Additional Materials Released Regarding 408(b)(2) Proposed 'Guide' Rules

March 72, 2014

  • Pension Funding Stabilization Included in Unemployment Insurance Extension
  • House Subcommittee Discusses Legislation Addressing Medicare Advantage Plans

March 71, 2014

  • Council Elects New Officers and Executive Board, Reports Record Membership Growth
  • Agencies Request Information Regarding Provider Nondiscrimination under PPACA
  • Senate Banking Committee Discusses Retirement Security, Plan Fees

March 70, 2014

  • EBSA Proposes Rules for 408(b)(2) 'Guide' for Disclosures Between Service Providers, Fiduciaries

March 69, 2014

  • Responding to Comments, CMS Announces it will Not Finalize Certain Medicare Rules
  • Council, Other Employer Groups Send Letter Opposing Proposed Cuts to Medicare Advantage Program
  • Now Available: Summary of Employee Benefit Proposals in 'Tax Reform Act of 2014'

March 65, 2014

  • HHS Finalizes Transitional Reinsurance Fee for 2015

March 64, 2014

  • IRS Releases Final Regulations for Employer PPACA Reporting
  • Obama FY 2015 Budget Analysis: Summary of Retirement and Health Plan Proposals
  • Council Responds to IRS Proposals for Frozen Defined Benefit Plan Nondiscrimination Issue

March 62, 2014

  • Deadline Postponed for Comments on HIPAA Compliance Certification Proposed Rules

February 57, 2014

  • Comprehensive Tax Reform Proposal Includes Changes to Employee Benefit Tax Policy
  • Council Submits Comments on Proposed Rules Amending Excepted Benefits Regulations
  • Senate Finance Subcommittee Examines Retirement Savings for Low-Income Workers

February 51, 2014

  • Administration Finalizes Rules for PPACA 90-Day Waiting Period, Issues Additional Proposed Rules

February 49, 2014

  • American Benefits Council IN THE NEWS
  • New Council Blueprint Summarizes Proposed 'USA Retirement Funds'

February 43, 2014

  • IRS Posts New 'Questions and Answers' on Final PPACA Employer Responsibility Rules

February 41, 2014

  • Final PPACA Employer Responsibility (Section 4980H) Regulations Released
  • Council Writes CFTC Regarding Position Limits Applicable to Derivatives

February 37, 2014

  • HHS Proposed Regulations Require Certification of Compliance with HIPAA Standard Transactions
  • Council Writes CMS Regarding Possible Medical Advantage Rate Cuts

February 35, 2014

  • Pension Funding Stabilization Included in Unemployment Insurance Extension
  • Council Files Amicus Brief in Supreme Court Stock Drop Case
  • House Committee Approves Bill Defining 'Full Time' as 40 Hours under PPACA

January 31, 2014

  • Harkin Formally Introduces 'USA Retirement' Legislation Including Hybrid Plan Clarifications

January 29, 2014

  • President Announces New 'MyRA' Retirement Plan, Continues Push for Auto-IRAs
  • Collins-Nelson Retirement Bill Formally Introduced
  • Commerce Department Urged to Maintain Retirement Plans' Access to Death Master File

January 28, 2014

  • House Committee Discusses 30-Hour Full-Time Employee Rule
  • Senate GOP Introduces PPACA Alternative
  • IRS Issues Guidance Clarifying PPACA Individual Mandate
  • PBGC Proposes Regulations for Valuation of Multiemployer Pension Plans

January 27, 2014

  • Comprehensive Retirement Plan Reform Legislation to Be Introduced Soon: Bills from Harkin, Collins/Nelson
  • IRS Application Deadline Extended for Defined Benefit Plan Opinion, Advisory Letters

January 21, 2014

  • Regulatory & Legislative Outlook: What to Watch For in Early 2014

January 9, 2014

  • New FAQ Guidance Addresses Range of PPACA Topics
  • Council Comments on SEC Proposed Pay Ratio Rules
  • FINRA Notice Provides Recommendations for Providers of IRA Rollovers
  • Clarification: New PBGC Premium Deadline Applies Only to Large Plans

January 2, 2014

  • Second Circuit Court Rules Against Pension Plan Sponsor in Case Addressing Offset Provisions
  • PBGC Establishes October 15 as New Flat-Rate Premium Payment Deadline